Chef Momo Kitchen by Chef Momo offers  tasty Congolese, African and European dishes.

About Us

Who is Chef Momo?

Chef Momo (Monique) is a foodie with a desire to bring happiness by cooking delicious meals. Born in Congo she left her native country to study in Europe make it her home for years. Since she has embraced French, Spanish and Italian culture.

Chef Momo has held several positions within the customer service, the hospitality and the food industry. She organized events and cooked during events such weddings, baptisms, communions, fundraisings. 

Chef Momo is now a newcomer in Canada and along her African heritage she wants to share her favourite dishes with her fellow Torontonians and Canadians.

With Chef Momo Kitchen we want to offer unforgettable meals for any milestone you may have such as your birthday, baptism, a corporate event.

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